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We have a superb selection of new DVD releases available for booking over the next few months.

New BFI release: Spring in a Small Town

Regarded as the finest work from the first great era of Chinese filmmaking, Fei Mu’s quiet, piercingly poignant study of adulterous desire and guilt-ridden despair – now restored – is a remarkable rediscovery.

Celebrating Derek Jarman - New DCPs from the BFI

Marking the 20th anniversary of the death of DEREK JARMAN (January 1942 – February 1994), the following titles are available from March 2014 on DCP, newly remastered by the BFI National Archive.

New BFI release: A Farewell to Arms

Now beautifully restored by Lobster Films, A Farewell to Arms is released to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I.

New BFI release: An Autumn Afternoon

Now digitally restored, the final film by the great Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu is one of his most touching works and, thanks to Yuharu Atsuta’s ravishing camerawork, one of his most beautiful.

Gothic: The Dark Heart of British Film (For Non-UK Exhibitors)

This selection of great British classics newly available on DCP demonstrates the continuing impact of the Gothic imagination on several decades of British film history.

New BFI release: Rome, Open City

A landmark of Italian neorealism often cited as one of the greatest films ever made, Rossellini’s portrait of life under the Nazi Occupation remains remarkable for its sheer immediacy, tension and power.

New BFI release: Lift to the Scaffold

A war veteran and his lover plan the murder of her husband in Louis Malle’s groundbreaking film.

New BFI release: Gone With the Wind

Now the beneficiary of a 4K digital restoration, David O Selznick’s production of Margaret Mitchell’s bestseller remains the pinnacle of polished Hollywood storytelling and craftsmanship.

New BFI release: The Innocents

Deborah Kerr stars in this chilling drama, regarded as one of the best psychological thrillers ever made.

New BFI release: La Belle et la Bête

Jean Cocteau’s much-loved Gothic fantasy La Belle et la Bête has been digitally restored to 4K to mark the 50th anniversary of the director’s death.


We have a superb selection of new DVD releases available for booking over the next few months and into 2014.

Black History Month titles from the BFI

To celebrate Black History Month this October, the following films are available for cinema hire from the BFI.

Gothic titles from BFI Distribution

A celebration of Gothic film & TV across the UK and online with live events, screenings and much more.
To coincide with the BFI’s nationwide Gothic season, the following films are available for cinema hire from the BFI.
For more information view the PDF below.

New BFI release: NOTHING BUT A MAN (27 September 2013)

A landmark of American cinema, this uniquely truthful depiction of black life in early 1960s Alabama rightly won great acclaim at the Venice, London and New York film festivals. Though it then sank into relative obscurity, a recent restoration by the Library of Congress has again made its many virtues gloriously apparent.

New BFI release: THE STUART HALL PROJECT (6 September 2013)

Highly acclaimed at the 2013 Sundance and Sheffield Documentary festivals, the new film from award-winning documentarian John Akomfrah (The Nine Muses) is a sensitive, emotionally charged portrait of cultural theorist Stuart Hall.

New BFI Release: The Big City - Mahanagar (16 August 2013)

Satyajit Ray's wonderfully enjoyable tale of family and city life in mid-50s Calcutta.

New BFI Release: THE ENIGMA OF KASPAR HAUSER (5 July 2013)

Based on the remarkable true story of the foundling Kaspar Hauser, this
newly restored version remains one of the most eloquent and emotionally
affecting expressions of Werner Herzog's distinctive world view.

New BFI Release: AGUIRRE, WRATH OF GOD (7 June 2013)

A new restoration of Werner Herzog’s extraordinary account of the quest for El Dorado.

New BFI Release: JOURNEY TO ITALY (10 May 2013)

Arguably the very greatest of Rossellini's films, this piercing study of a marriage on the rocks is also one of the cinema's most miraculous love stories.

New BFI Release: THEOREM (12 April 2013)

A handsome, enigmatic stranger (Terence Stamp) arrives at a bourgeois household in Milan and seduces each family member in turn.


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