L'Age d'Or

Dir. Luis Buñuel

France 1930 | Black & white | 120 mins | Cert 15 | Comedy

More than 80 years on, this masterpiece of cinematic surrealism remains as brilliantly witty and shocking as ever. Uniting the genius of Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, L Age d Or (1930) is a uniquely savage blend of visual poetry and social commentary. A sinister yet poignant chronicle of a couple’s struggle to consummate their desire, the film was banned and vilified for many years for its subversive eroticism and furious dissection of civilised values. Also includes Buñuel and Dali’s surrealist masterpiece Un Chien Andalou (1928, 16min) and A Propósito de Buñuel (2000, 103 mins) a documentary on the life and work of Luis Buñuel by José Luis López-Linares and Javier Rioyo.

Available on: DVD


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