Portrait of Jennie

Image for Portrait of Jennie

Dir. William Dieterle

US 1948 | Colour and Black & White | 86mins | Cert U | Drama

Cast: Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Ethel Barrymore, Lillian Gish

Dieterle’s romantic masterpiece about a love that transcends time and space was a great favourite of the Paris Surrealists, including Eluard and Bunuel. Joseph Cotten plays a struggling artist who encounters a young girl (Jennifer Jones) who, strangely, is dressed in the clothes of another age and seems to come from nowhere. This exquisitely heartrending movie weaves its spell in part through its magical cinematography, transforming a wintry Central Park into fairyland and culminating in an astonishing Technicolor sequence.

Available on: 35mm


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