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BFI Blu-rays and DVDs

The BFI releases up to 40 titles a year on DVD and in Dual Format editions (which contain both DVD and Blu-ray in the same package).

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New releases

  • Magick Lantern Cycle

    Legendary filmmaker Kenneth Anger influenced Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and RW Fassbinder, this Dual Format collection showcases 10 of his films.

  • Riddles of the Sphinx

    Written and directed by Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen this is one of the most important avant-garde films to have emerged from Britain during the 1970s.

  • GAZWRX: The Films of Jeff Keen

    Collected works by the visionary artist who was one of Britain’s most important experimental filmmakers. Buy now

  • Out of the Unknown box set

    The classic anthology science fiction series from 1965 is one of the most daring, ambitious and inventive series ever created.

The ever-growing catalogue includes films by such celebrated directors as Ken Loach, Akira Kurosawa, Michael Powell, and Michelangelo Antonioni.

We are dedicated to releasing acknowledged classics of world cinema, the work of experimental filmmakers, expertly-curated documentary collections and feature films by both critically acclaimed and critically underrated British directors alike.

All BFI editions are mastered from the best quality film materials available, often held at the BFI National Archive, and are accompanied by extensive contextualising booklets.

Download the complete BFI DVD and Blu-ray Catalogue (PDF, 2MB)

All Blu-rays and DVDs
  • British film and TV

    Great British work, including rarities from the Flipside, our acclaimed collection of BBC ghost stories and classic horror films.

  • British documentary

    Important non-fiction work, including British Transport Films and acclaimed collections from Humphrey Jennings and Mitchell and Kenyon.

  • World cinema

    World cinema

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