As the lead body for film in the UK, we embrace best practice and take seriously our responsibility to co-ordinate a UK-wide sustainability strategy for all parts of the film sector.

Our strategy includes:

  • Incorporating sustainability into the our five year plan Film Forever
  • Adopting BS8909, the new British Standard for sustainability in film that was announced in 2011
  • Managing the website
  • Actively encouraging other film organisations to implement similar sustainable strategies

The BFI operates a sustainability management strategy in line with BS8909. Following a full review of our activities and processes at four different sites, we have established our objectives and targets and are working towards these. Some of these targets are for improved measurement and monitoring at this stage, for example we have refined our expenses system to more accurately capture travel carbon data.

Other key improvement areas for the BFI are:

  • Waste management – we are currently re-tendering our waste management contract to improve sustainability performance across all our sites
  • Energy – we continually review energy usage and main sources of consumption at all sites to identify areas of possible reduction and adjustments to allow better efficiency
  • Refurbishments – whenever we refurbish an area in the workplace we look to incorporate materials and technologies which follow sustainability best practice, such as low-energy lighting, water-saving devices and materials form sustainable sources
  • Information platforms – the BFI is pro-active in its advocacy role to the film industry, bringing together a cross-industry working group and a separate group for the studios and facilities to drive forward sharing of best practice in sustainability, holding industry events at film festivals on sustainability, and co-ordinating the website
  • Diversity – a steering group for diversity has been set up that interfaces with our sustainability steering group. An access audit was carried out at BFI Southbank and improvements to welfare facilities and access routes were completed.
  • Our ride-to-work programme has been reviewed and improvements are being made to bike facilities at Stephen Street head office and the Conservation Centre at Berkhamsted

All of these initiatives are managed through a sustainability management tool that is reviewed regularly with key stakeholders.

Contact us

  • The BFI holds regular industry wide meetings to discuss sustainability across the industry and to share best practice. Contact us for more information about these meetings.
  • Contact us for more information about the Sustainability Management System being implemented at the BFI.

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