A Cottage on Dartmoor

Image for A Cottage on Dartmoor

Dir. Anthony Asquith

UK 1929 | Black & white | 87 mins | Drama | Silent

Cast: Norah Baring, Hans Schlettow, Uno Henning

A small-town hair salon is the backdrop for this beautifully realised tale of jealousy and revenge, shot on location on the bleak landscape of Dartmoor. Evoking the early films of Hitchcock and the masterworks of German Expressionism, Asquith’s last film of the silent era balances masterly storytelling with technical flair. A Cottage on Dartmoor is an extravagant melodrama, a final passionate cry in defence of the silent aesthetic before the talkies came in and killed off the art form for ever.

Available on: DVD, 35mm


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