Image for Caravaggio

Dir. Derek Jarman

UK 1986 | Colour | 93 mins | Cert 18

Cast: Noam Almaz, Dexter Fletcher, Dawn Archibald, Sean Bean

Hugely significant to Jarman, his biopic of the Italian Baroque painter with whom he strongly identified was developed over many years. Shot on 35mm film, it looks incredible: the tableaux and sets project rich, painterly depth, brightness and colour. Sean Bean and Tilda Swinton deliver fine performances as the model and partner caught up in a complex love triangle with the famous artist, as Caravaggio struggles to reconcile the demands of authority (in the form of his patrons) with his own artistic and sexual needs – a tension then very close to Jarman’s heart. (William Fowler)

Presented in a new version, digitally remastered at 2K by the BFI National Archive. Available from February 2014.

Available on: DCP, DVD, 35mm


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