Dir. Isaac Julien

UK 2008 | Colour | 76 mins | Cert 15 | Documentary

Cast: Tilda Swinton, Derek Jarman, Isaac Julien

Punk Britain, gay Britain, Thatcher's Britain - Derek Jarman tackled the lot. Derek is a unique collaboration between Tilda Swinton, the film's narrator, and Isaac Julien, in which the life, vision and legacy of Derek Jarman is fondly remembered and celebrated. The revealing and frank interview at the core of the film is embroidered with a moving collage of home-movie footage, clips from 17 of his films, pop promos, rare footage from the sets of Sebastiane and Jubilee, and current affairs footage from 1960s swinging London through to the Thatcherite nationalism of the 1980s. Painter, author, gay militant, aids activist and, above all, filmmaker, Derek Jarman was one of Britain’s best-loved and most original artists who touched the lives of everyone he met.

Available on: DVD


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