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Complete list of titles available on DVD for non-theatrical screening.

Riviera Cocktail

Dir. Heinz Bütler
Switzerland 2000
96 mins

Roads to Koktebel

Dir. Boris Khlebnikov; Aleksei Popogrebsky
Russia 2003
102 mins

Roberto Succo

Dir. Cédric Kahn
France 2001
121 mins

Small image for Robinson in Space

Robinson in Space

Dir. Patrick Keiller
UK 1996
82 mins

Rocky Road to Dublin

Dir. Peter Lennon
Eire 1968
96 mins

The Romance of Astrea & Celadon

Dir. Eric Rohmer
Italy-Spain 2007
104 mins

The Roost

Dir. Ti West
USA 2005
88 mins


Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
USA 1948
80 mins


Dir. Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Belgiu-France 1999
90 mins

Round Ireland With A Fridge

Dir. Ed Bye
UK-Ireland 2010
92 mins

Route Irish

Dir. Ken Loach
France-Italy 2010
109 mins

Le Refuge

Dir. François Ozon
France 2009
84 mins

Russian Ark

Dir. Alexandr Sokurov
Russia-Germany 2002
96 mins


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