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  • Top of the Lake: China Girl review – Elisabeth Moss embodies Jane Campion’s Law

    Reassigning Moss’s detective Robin Griffin from small-town New Zealand to the sex trade of cosmopolitan Sydney, the second series of Jane Campion’s police procedural continues to probe the director’s faith in the ultimate intelligence of the body, says Sophie Mayer.
    Friday 28 July 2017

  • Film of the week: The Big Sick refreshes the romcom

    In Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon’s semi-autobiographical film, a mixed-race relationship is the springboard for humour, poignancy and a welcome message of tolerance, writes Naman Ramachandran.
    Thursday 27 July 2017

  • Howards End archive review: a troubling Forster film for our grey times

    Merchant-Ivory’s third E.M. Forster adaptation was first released during a time of economic depression in the UK. As it returns to cinemas we republish the original Sight & Sound review, in which Lizzie Francke hails its ‘rigorous inquest into a bygone era’.
    Thursday 27 July 2017

  • Akira and Q & A: the joy of juxtapositions

    Watching two ostensibly different films back to back can entirely colour our understanding of them both, as when Brad Stevens viewed Sidney Lumet’s 1990 police thriller along side Otomo Katsuhiro’s classic 1987 anime.
    Sunday 23 July 2017

  • Film of the week: Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s victorious retreat

    Breathtaking realism, sterling performances and distinctly restrained direction combine to make Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama a wrenching spectacle, writes Philip Kemp.
    Friday 21 July 2017

  • Martin Landau obituary: a piercing, performing enigma

    From Martin Landau’s searing early role as the pent-up henchman of North by Northwest to latter-day recognition in Crimes and Misdemeanors and Ed Wood, his blazing blue eyes had it – but what was it, asks Kim Morgan?
    Friday 21 July 2017

  • Victim archive review: Dirk Bogarde fronts a courageous, landmark thriller

    Basil Dearden’s gay-blackmail drama, which helped to change the law on homosexuality in the UK, is back in UK cinemas in a restored digital print. On its first release in 1961, Sight & Sound contributor Terence Kelly praised its groundbreaking candour and a first-class performance by Dirk Bogarde.
    Saturday 22 July 2017

  • Lucrecia Martel: “All that heroic past and brave macho stuff makes me ill”

    The Argentian director’s long-awaited new film Zama has just been announced for the 2017 Venice Film Festival. Two years ago, Diego Lerer visited the set and spoke to her about the radical language of the film’s source novel and how to shoot a period film on a modest budget.
    Thursday 27 July 2017

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  • Sight & Sound: the August 2017 issue

    Sight & Sound: the August 2017 issue

    Christopher Nolan speaks to us about the making of his WWII epic Dunkirk and his commitment to real film. Plus Sofia Coppola discusses her dream-like The Beguiled, New Wave icon Jean-Pierre Léaud looks back over his career, and Jane Campion and Elisabeth Moss expose the seedy side of Sydney in Top of the Lake.

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  • Wrapped in plasticity: Twin Peaks’ myriad Laura Palmers

    Wrapped in plasticity: Twin Peaks’ myriad Laura Palmers

    Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin conduct a forensic examination of the slippages at play in David Lynch and Mark Frost’s surrealistic investigative series.

    Friday 28 April 2017


  • Hollywood icon/oclast: the art of Jack Nicholson

    Hollywood icon/oclast: the art of Jack Nicholson

    From New Hollywood rebel to arch Hollywood devil, Jack Nicholson has been our gold-standard baby boomer, on the run from his demons even as he upends the world – and hounds down the last laugh. As he turns 80, Leigh Singer looks back at the art of Jack.

    Friday 21 April 2017


  • Video: Scorsese NYC

    Video: Scorsese NYC

    It’s complicated: Martin Scorsese’s irresistible passion for the mean streets of his hometown show us not just the psyche of a city, but the soul of a nation, says Leigh Singer.

    Friday 3 February 2017


  • Video essay: What is neorealism?

    Video essay: What is neorealism?

    kogonada pits the director of The Bicycle Thieves against the producer of Gone with the Wind on the same movie material.

    Friday 17 May 2013


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