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  • The 25 best films of 2017

    For our annual snapshot of the year’s best movies, we cast our poll open to the full spectrum of moving-image art works – films, video art, TV, VR, you name it (because we can’t). 188 critics and curators voted, and rising to the top are some exciting new voices, new visions and new forms…

  • Video: The best films of 2017

    Watch Leigh Singer’s round-up of the top 25 films in our poll and the themes of the year.
    Tuesday 5 December 2017

  • Film of the week: The Disaster Artist spins comic gold from dramatic dross

    James Franco effortlessly incarnates showbiz outsider Tommy Wiseau, the eccentric director of notorious self-financed farrago The Room, in this affectionate, not-quite-Hollywood comedy-biopic, writes Matthew Taylor.
    Thursday 7 December 2017

  • One-offs and what-ifs: single-film directors’ rich roads to nowhere

    How can we make sense of a filmmaker’s career when it is over as soon as it begins? Brad Stevens examines the ‘lost moments’ that foretell their directors’ own withdrawal from the role.
    Monday 4 December 2017

  • Film of the week: Happy End is a welcome departure for Michael Haneke

    There’s much in the director’s latest that recalls his previous work, but this oblique, often hilarious film also marks a shift to a lighter tone, making it his most interesting work since 2005’s Hidden, writes Adam Nayman.
    Thursday 30 November 2017

  • Film of the week: Beach Rats lights a fuse in the closet

    Harris Dickinson burns darkly as an non-identifying gay teenager in Eliza Hittman’s portrait of queer desire, pain and self-loathing in outer Brooklyn, says Hannah McGill.
    Tuesday 28 November 2017

  • In her eyes: notes on Gloria Grahame (a video essay)

    With a curl of her lip and an arch of her eyebrow, Gloria Grahame was the actress who stood up to both Humphrey Bogart and Lee Marvin in their most violent roles. In this video essay, Serena Bramble explores the burn mark Grahame left on the silver screen.
    Friday 24 November 2017

  • Listen to the actress: Annette Bening, directly

    Against the backdrop of breaking Harvey Weinstein disclosures, the star of The Grifters and Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool held forth on stage at the London Film Festival – bringing home how rare it is for women in the industry to be truly heard, writes Thirza Wakefield.
    Friday 24 November 2017

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  • Sight & Sound: the January 2018 issue

    Sight & Sound: the January 2018 issue

    The best films of 2017 and reflections on the year in cinema, plus Get Out, Twin Peaks: The Return, Frances McDormand, Gary Oldman, Miike Takashi, The Disaster Artist, The Deuce and The Twilight Zone.

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  • Wrapped in plasticity: Twin Peaks’ myriad Laura Palmers

    Wrapped in plasticity: Twin Peaks’ myriad Laura Palmers

    Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin conduct a forensic examination of the slippages at play in David Lynch and Mark Frost’s surrealistic investigative series.

    Friday 28 April 2017


  • Hollywood icon/oclast: the art of Jack Nicholson

    Hollywood icon/oclast: the art of Jack Nicholson

    From New Hollywood rebel to arch Hollywood devil, Jack Nicholson has been our gold-standard baby boomer, on the run from his demons even as he upends the world – and hounds down the last laugh. As he turns 80, Leigh Singer looks back at the art of Jack.

    Friday 21 April 2017


  • Video: Scorsese NYC

    Video: Scorsese NYC

    It’s complicated: Martin Scorsese’s irresistible passion for the mean streets of his hometown show us not just the psyche of a city, but the soul of a nation, says Leigh Singer.

    Friday 3 February 2017


  • Video essay: What is neorealism?

    Video essay: What is neorealism?

    kogonada pits the director of The Bicycle Thieves against the producer of Gone with the Wind on the same movie material.

    Friday 17 May 2013


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