NFT1 is our biggest auditorium. Offering maximum comfort and style, it also boasts a large stage, making it the perfect venue for major premieres, conferences, launches or presentations.

NFT1, BFI Southbank

NFT1, BFI Southbank


  • 450


  • 12.6ft x 30ft (3.8m x 9.2m), matt white, mini-perf screen
  • 3-way motorised masking and tabs
  • Distance from screen to projector: Film: 16.46m / Digital: 17.44m

Digital Cinema Projection

  • Christie CP4230 4K Digital Cinema Projector
  • Doremi ShowVault/IMB Digital Cinema Player
  • Christie CP2000S 2K Digital Cinema Projector
  • DCP-2000 2K Digital Cinema Player
  • 4K & 2K DCP
  • HFR
  • Dolby 3D
  • Audio description

Film Projection

  • 2x Kinoton FP 75 E-S 35mm/70mm Studio Projectors
  • 2x Philips FP 16 16mm Projectors
  • 16-25fps (16mm)
  • 12-100fps (35mm)

Film Formats

  • 16mm & Super 16mm
  • 35mm aspect ratios — 1.19:1, 1.33:1, 1.37:1, 1.66:1, 1.75:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1
  • 35mm Nitrate
  • 70mm


  • 5.1 & 7.1 cinema sound system
  • Panastereo CSP1200 & CSP4600 processors
  • Yamaha DME64N
  • Dolby DMA8 Plus
  • Dolby Digital
  • DTS (35mm & 70mm)
  • 70mm 6-track magnetic sound
  • 16mm & 35mm magnetic sound follower
  • 16mm optical & combined mag.

Video Playback

  • Hyperdeck Studio Pro
  • Mac Pro
  • Digital Betacam & Betacam SP (PAL/NTSC)
  • Blu-ray, multi-region
  • DVD (PAL/NTSC), multi-region
  • Christie Cine-IPM 2K scaler
  • Available inputs for DVI, HDMI, VGA and 3G-SDI up to 2048x1080

Audio Playback & Recording

  • CD
  • MP3 file
  • Recording to 16-bit mono WAV file

Sound Reinforcement

  • 2x Audio-Technica ES915ML12 lectern mics
  • 6x Shure MX418 gooseneck table mics
  • 6x Sennheiser EW 300 G3 wireless receivers with a combination of: 6x Sennheiser SKM-300-845 G3 wireless handheld mics, 4x Sennheiser SK 300 bodypacks with clip on lavalier mics
  • Midas Venice F24 mixing desk
  • Yamaha P2500S amplifier
  • 2x Tannoy V12HP speakers

Sound Reinforcement

Semi-fixed house lighting rig consisting of:

  • 4x Selecon PL1 LED fresnels
  • 2x Selecon SF1200 1K fresnels
  • 2x Selecon PL1 LED 18°-34° profiles
  • 6x Source Four Zoom 750W 25°-50° profiles
  • 2x Source Four Jr Zoom 575W 25°-50° profiles
  • 2x Robert Juliat 611SX 1K 11°-26° profiles with size A gobo holders
  • 40 dimmers circuits with 15A sockets
  • Single universe DMX512 control
  • Jester TLXtra lighting console
  • 1x CCT Silhouette 1K followspot
  • Circuits & hanging positions for additional lighting


  • 16x XLR tie-lines from stage to sound booth
  • 4x B-Gauge GPO jack XLR tie-lines from sound booth to stage
  • 12x BNC tie-lines between stage and projector booth (via projection box)
  • 12x XLR to B-Gauge GPO jack tie-lines from projector booth to sound booth
  • 8x B-Gauge GPO jack tine-lines from sound booth to projection box
  • XLR & BNC lines to NFT2


  • 18x 13A at stage
  • 6x 13A in both sound booth and projector booth
  • 4x 16A single-phase Ceeform on stage
  • 3x 32A single-phase Ceeform behind screen
  • 1x 32A three-phase Ceeform behind screen


  • Black OPTI blade lectern
  • Windows 10 PC laptop
  • Macbook Pro Laptop
  • Wired internet connection
  • Induction loop (for film & stage)
  • Infra-red headphones (single channel) – can be used for audio description
  • Live soft-title facility on request
  • Tecro wired comms system with 4x beltpacks & headsets

On request

  • HDCam
  • U-matic (PAL/NTSC + HI/LO Band)

On request and at an additional cost

  • HDCam SR
  • Dedicated high-performance Wi-Fi network
  • Transfer of content to DCP

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