Strategy and policy

We work to help shape film strategy and policy in the UK.

Detail of National Film Theatre old signage

Screen Culture 2033 is our new ten-year strategy that sets out how we will transform access to our programmes, screen culture and jobs. This new vision sets out how we will use its unique and valuable collections, cultural and education programmes, policy and research work, with a new BFI National Lottery Strategy 2023-2033 and BFI National Lottery Funding Plan 2023-2026 to build a diverse and accessible screen culture that benefits all of society and contributes to a prosperous UK economy.

BFI2022 is the BFI’s current five-year plan and will end in March 2023.

Senior staff, Governors and BFI Fellows

Profiles of the BFI executive members, Board of Governors and the roll call of BFI Fellows.