Opening our eyes: how film contributes to the culture of the UK

A report for the BFI by Northern Alliance and Ipsos MediaCT.

This Is England (2006)

This Is England (2006)

A PDF version of the July 2011 report for the BFI on the cultural contribution of film in the UK, by Northern Alliance and Ipsos MediaCT.

Opening our eyes is the second phase of work following on from the initial report Stories we tell ourselves: the cultural impact of UK film 19462006, commissioned by the UK Film Council to investigate the cultural impact British film has had both nationally and internationally over the last 60 years.

Understanding the hearts and minds of UK audiences, October 2012

The London Film Festival Industry event was moderated by Mike Gubbins, with guest speakers David Kosse (Universal), Julia Wrigley (Film 4), Ben Roberts and Sean Perkins (BFI), Andrew Macdonald (Producer) and Mike Kelly and Chris Chandler (Northern Alliance).

Launch event, September 2011

Opening our eyes was launched at BFI Southbank in September 2011, compered by Bonnie Greer, with guest speakers Catharine Des Forges (ICO), Christine Langan (BBC Films), Ian Christie (Birkbeck College) and Sara Selwood (Cultural Trends).


The following are the online appendices referred to on page 72 of the report.

Appendix one: survey questionnaire (PDF, 500KB)
A copy of the survey questionnaire.

Appendix two: result tables (PDF, 35MB)
A full set of result tables (1384 pages) prepared by Ipsos.

Appendix three: detailed survey findings (PDF, 1.1MB)
A more detailed presentation of the results with commentary (114 pages).

Appendix four: survey data in SPSS format (Zip file, 553KB)
A full copy (anonymised) of the survey data in SPSS format, which requires SPSS software to run on your computer. Ipsos advises that the SPSS data should be run using the ‘weights’ variable in order to give correctly weighted results. The SPSS file is set so this happens as the default. For the correct routing and filtering of questions see appendix one.

Appendix five: research brief (PDF, 66KB)
A copy of the tendered research brief.

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