Summary of points – cultural test for high-end television

How the points for the cultural test for high-end television programmes are allocated.

Section A – cultural content

A1: Programme set in the UK or EEA – Up to 4

A2: Lead characters are British or EEA citizens/residents – Up to 4

A3: Programme based on British or EEA subject matter or underlying material – 4

A4: Original dialogue recorded mainly in English or UK indigenous language or EEA language – Up to 6

Section B – cultural contribution

The programme demonstrates British creativity, British heritage and/or diversity – Up to 4

Section C – cultural hubs


(a) At least 50% of the principal photography or SFX takes place in the UK – 2

(b) At least 50% of the VFX takes place in the UK – 2

(c) An extra 2 points can be awarded if at least 80% of principal photography or VFX or SFX takes place in the UK – 2 (max 4 points in total in C1)

C2: Music recording/audio post-production/picture post-production – 1

Section D – cultural practitioners

D1: Director – 1

D2: Scriptwriter – 1

D3: Producer – 1

D4: Composer – 1

D5: Lead actors – 1

D6: Majority of cast – 1

D7: Key staff (lead cinematographer, lead production designer, lead costume designer, lead editor, lead sound designer, lead visual effects supervisor, lead hair and makeup supervisor) – 1

D8: Majority of crew – 1

Total Section D 8 points

Total – 35

See the guidance notes for further information on points.