Ten young people from all over the UK preview film submissions for BFI Future Film Festival, programme and host events online and in venue, create marketing and editorial content, and really become the face of BFI Film Academy events.

Being a Young Programmer is an educational opportunity focused on developing new or existing skills. BFI Film Academy events are all about career development, and it’s no different for our Young Programmers.

After a very successful first year in 2020, we’re delighted to have our second cohort of BFI Film Academy Young Programmers working with us this year.

Our current Young Programmers are:

Bethany Privitera, 25, Manchester
Clodagh Chapman, 24, Manchester
Erick Jackaman, 22, London
Hazel George, 18, Edinburgh
Nick Willis, 19, Faversham
Ramatoulie Bobb, 25, London
Ruby Murphy, 18, Rugby
Shadman Kabir, 17, London
Siavash Minoukadeh, 21, London
Zahra Coulthard, 22, Pangbourne

Applications for next year’s Young Programmers cohort will open in May 2022.