BFI Film Academy – Craft Skills (England)

Applications are open.

Craft Skills delivered by the NFTS

During this specialist course, you will choose a filmmaking specialism such as screenwriting, cinematography, production design, sound, directing or editing. You will then:

  • take part in technical workshops to learn about your specific craft area and develop your skills
  • take part in masterclasses and view the UK’s best short films
  • receive key advice from award-winning film industry experts
  • work with professional actors and use industry-standard equipment to make a short film
  • showcase your short film at BFI Southbank

Course details

Applications are open
Dates and location of the 2023 BFI Film Academy Specialist Course: Craft Skills
Screenwriting induction9 to 10 December 2023
Introductory weekend (all other crafts)9 to 10 March 2024
Main residential dates31 March to 11 April 2024
Number of places66
Application deadline (screenwriting)5 November 2023
Application deadline (all other crafts)14 January 2024, at 6pm

How to apply

For information on course eligibility please see How to apply for BFI Film Academy Craft Skills courses.

Course fees

We welcome applications from all talented young filmmakers. Fees range from £0 to £420 for the course.

Please don’t let the cost deter you from applying. If a young person is offered a place on the Film Academy and can’t afford the fee, and other associated costs such as travel, a bursary scheme will help you — if you have the talent we’ll make sure you can attend.

For further details please see How to apply for BFI Film Academy Craft Skills courses.