Starve Acre

1970s, rural England. Richard and Juliette’s seemingly idyllic family life is thrown into turmoil when their son Ewan starts acting out of character, creating an insurmountable wedge between the once happy couple.

At Starve Acre, their remote family home, archeologist Richard buries himself in exploring a folkloric myth that the ancient oak tree on their land is imbued with phenomenal powers. While Juliette turns to the local community to find some kind of peace, Richard obsessively digs deeper.

Director Daniel Kokotajlo

Screenplay Daniel Kokotajlo

Producers Emma Duffy, Derrin Schlesinger, Tessa Ross, Juliette Howell

Cast Morfydd Clark, Matt Smith

Sales agent Cornerstone

UK distributor BFI Distribution

North American distributor Brainstorm Media

Broadcaster BBC

Credits summary A House Productions film, supported by BBC Film, BFI and Access Entertainment

Festival highlights BFI London Film Festival