BFI Filmography

The complete story of UK film 1911 to the present.

The BFI Filmography project ran from 2012 to 2017, with these main aims:

  • identify all film works that meet the inclusion criteria – British, feature-length, released in cinemas
  • catalogue those works to a high standard, including detailed cast and crew information
  • publish the data online to enable researchers to interrogate it – this was achieved with the BFI Filmography data visualisation platform

In 2022, five years after completing the project, the BFI Filmography data visualisation platform was taken offline. The data is stored permanently in the BFI National Archive’s Collections Information Database, and we are considering long-term options for developing an interface for exploring that data. Meanwhile, the Collections Information Database has an online version, where you can search across the BFI National Archive’s collections data.

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