Donations policy

We welcome donations of material that fit within the scope of our collection priorities.

All offers of donations are assessed by our collection librarians. If a donation is accepted, the items are integrated into the library’s collection and their details added to our catalogue.

Check our library catalogue to find out whether your donation is suitable.

Please get in touch if you have materials that you think would be suitable and benefit our collections, giving full details of the items. We are unable to return unsolicited items or items sent for assessment.

Conditions of acceptance and disposal

The BFI Reuben Library reserves the right to accept, reject or dispose of donations as it sees fit. It is not possible to accept any restrictions imposed by the donor on their donation, such as keeping items together as a discrete collection.

The library applies the same acquisitions criteria to donations as it does to purchased items, and donations are accepted or declined on the basis of whether or not they fulfil these criteria.

The library retains only one copy of each item and will not accept duplicates unless they are in a better physical condition than items already in the collection.

As with other material the library acquires, donations will be processed with security tags, labels and appropriate protective covering added to the items.

The library is unable to inform the donor of the usage patterns of donated items.

Donations that are accepted become the exclusive and absolute property of the library.

We cannot accept any items which are in poor physical condition.

By ‘disposal’ we mean:

  • Transfer to another collection within the BFI
  • Donate to a more suitable collection outside the BFI
  • Once all other options are exhausted, responsibly dispose of items any way we see fit