Film is a key communication tool across a number of professions. The BFI’s courses for organisations and individuals develop skills in creating, editing and using film in the areas listed below.

Like so many crafts there are skills you can learn that will really impact your chances of success, and who better to give you these insights than the British Film Institute?Keith Weed, President of the Advertising Association, former Unilever CMO and Independent Board Director for WPP and Sainsbury’s


Marketing and communication professionals

BFI and Chartered Institute of Marketing have partnered to enhance the film and video capability of marketing professionals. Recognising the breadth of skills required of modern marketers, we have created jointly accredited courses available through CIM and delivered by BFI in:

  • Filmmaking and Video Production for Marketers
  • Video Editing Essentials for Marketers

For more information and to book, please visit the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s courses page.

Sports professionals and coaches

Filmmaking courses for video analysis, coaching and advocacy programmes.


Moving beyond whiteboards, slideshows and handouts, learn practical skills and tools to quickly and efficiently produce moving image course and lesson content.

Filmmaking basics

Master key filmmaking skills and learn how film can be utilised in your current role or future career.

I think everything the BFI taught us was easy to understand. For a person who had no background in filmmaking and photography it was really fun, informative and comprehensive.Student, BFI Filmmaking for Advocacy course


For more information please contact

For training and resources on careers in the film industry (UK residents only) visit the BFI’s learning and training page.

Case study

BFI delivers digital masterclass training programme for IMDA on behalf of the Singapore government

Work produced by digital masterclass student

After a successful consultancy project managed by the BFI, digital upskilling for marketing and communications roles was identified as a key focus for investment.

Targeted at professionals working in the fields of marketing, brands and communications, the BFI developed a series of digital marketing classes teaching how to utilise film as an effective marketing tool. 

Students created digital content for business social media accounts and other promotional activity, learning filmmaking essentials including kit, camera movement, editing and music clearance, alongside developing skills in creating/understanding tone, interviewing clients and scheduling an efficient shoot. 

These courses were delivered in-person at IMDA HQ in Singapore and online in response to COVID-19 restrictions.