The Edwin Fox Foundation Reading Room

The Edwin Fox Foundation Reading Room is open to anyone – from BFI Southbank cinemagoers to researchers.

We have a formal study area with power supplies for laptops and an informal drop-in area ideal for group work. We also offer:

  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Six public access research terminals. Here you can access the full content of the library’s networked digital resources such as BFI Collections Search, the Film & TV Literature Index with Full Text, BFI Screenonline, BFI InView and the Screen Studies Collection, which includes the AFI Catalog and FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals database.
  • However, please note that our research terminals are intended solely for accessing our databases and searching our collections. At busy times usage of the terminals may be restricted.
  • Digital scanners to access information held on microfiche and roll film.
  • Book scanners for copying library material, within copyright regulations.
  • We host Special Collections access with appointment times running Tuesday-Thursday 10.30am-1pm and 2-5.30pm.

We don’t allow digital photography in the library. Please use our dedicated scanning equipment to copy material.

During term time there are often organised student study visits in the mornings from 10.30am-1.00pm while the library is open to other visitors.

The Edwin Fox Foundation Reading Room is also available for private hire.

Our vast collection covers all aspects of film and television study. We also cater for those with a professional interest in the film and television industry. We hold theses, annual reports, festival files and pamphlets, and have millions of newspaper cuttings dating back to the 1930s which are available digitally on our research terminals. You can browse the latest copies of film journals, including Broadcast, Cahiers du Cinema, Celebrity Studies, Empire, Film Comment, Sight & Sound, Screen International and Variety . We also display books themed to complement BFI Southbank seasons and events.

You can search our collections for library materials.

The Edwin Fox Foundation Reading Room book collection

This collection covers the history of cinema and television from its origins to the present day. With material that includes but is not limited to animation, audiences, directors, film theory, comedy, film noir, horror, musicals, science fiction, westerns, practical filmmaking guides, marketing, stars, television programmes, and the different national cinemas from around the world as well as major collections on British and American cinema.

The Edwin Fox Foundation Reading Room serials collection

Our serials collection includes periodicals, annuals and festival catalogues each represented in their own way in the Reading Room.

The majority of our annuals collection is held at our Conservation Centre however a small selection of annual reports, directories and yearbooks useful for finding contact, statistical or biographical information can be found on the Reading Room book shelves. These include The Kinematograph Yearbook (1914–1971), the Knowledge, the British Video Association Yearbook, Quigley’s almanacs, the Hitchcock annual, Variety reviews and Obituaries in the Performing Arts.

From the earliest festival to date, the London Film Festival programmes can be found in the periodicals sequence bound and filed together with the NFT/BFI Southbank Guide programmes. For all other festivals please enquire at the desk.

Finally, our periodicals collection includes current journals to browse, entire runs of key hard copy journals, and a range of e-journals which can be accessed via the research terminals in the library.

Below is a list of periodicals held in the Edwin Fox Foundation Reading Room which can be easily accessed. Bound volumes of these current journals are kept on the shelves, up to and including these volumes and dates. Journals in bold are no longer published. Journals marked * are also available digitally on reading room terminals.

Journal name Publication dates
Animation Journal* 1995 onwards
Asian Cinema 1988 onwards
Black Film Bulletin 1993-2000
Black Filmmaker 1998-2006
Black Film Review* 1986-1991
British Cinematographer 2002 onwards
Broadcast May 1985 onwards
Cahiers du Cinema 1951 onwards
Cahiers du Cinema in English 1966-1967
Cineaction* 1986-1994 (No. 35)
Cineaste* 1967 onwards
Cinefantastique* 1970-2006
Cinefex 1981 onwards
Cinema Papers 1974-2001
Cinema Scope* 1999-2007 (No. 32)
Classic Images (previously Classic Film Collector) 1965 onwards
Creative Screenwriting 1995 onwards
DGA Magazine 1994-2004 (No. 29)
DGA Quarterly 2005 onwards
Documentary News Letter (continued as Documentary Film News) 1940-1949
DOX 1993-2010
Empire 1989 onwards
Exposure 1997-2010
Fangoria 1987 onwards
Feminist Media Studies 2001 onwards
Film Comment* 1962-2002
Film Dope 1972-1994
Film International (Iran) 1993 onwards
Film Ireland* (previously Film Base News) 1988-1998/1999 (No. 68 )
Filmmaker 1992 onwards
Film Quarterly* (previously Quarterly of Film Radio and Television) 1951-2000 (Vol. 54)
Film Review (previously ABC Film Review) 1951-2008
Films & Filming 1954-1990
Film Score Monthly* 1992-2005
Films Illustrated 1971-1982
Films in Review* 1950-1997
Films of the Golden Age 1995 onwards
Filmwaves 1999-2008
Historical Journal of Film Radio and Television* 1981-1990 (Vol. 10, No. 3)
IF (Inside Film)* 1998-2009
Imagine 2001 onwards
In Camera 1988 onwards
Index on Censorship 1972-2009
Interview 1969 onwards
In The Picture 1983-2008
Journal of British Cinema & Television (previously Journal of Popular British Cinema) 2004 onwards
Journal of Chinese Cinemas 2007 onwards
Journal of Film & Video (previously Journal of University Film Association) 1962-2000 (Vol. 51)
Journal of Popular British Cinema Film & Video (continues as Journal of British Cinema & Television) 1998-2002
Journal of Popular Film and TV 1972 onwards
Metro* 1979 onwards
Monthly Film Bulletin* 1934-1991
National Film Theatre Programmes (continues as BFI Southbank Guide) 1957 onwards
New York Motion Picture Critics Review 1944-1945
Positif* 1952 onwards
Post Script* 1981-2006 (Vol. 25, No. 3)
Premiere (UK) 1992-1997
Premiere (US) 1989-2007
Revue du Cinema/Image et Son 1983-1992
Science Fiction Film and Television* 2008 onwards
Screen* 1969 onwards
Screen Africa 1998 onwards
Screen Digest 1971-2011
Screen Finance 1988-2009
Screen International 1993 onwards
Sight & Sound* 1932 onwards
South Asian Cinema 2001-2004
Spectator 1988 onwards
Starburst 1979-2008 (October)
Studies in Documentary Film* 2007 onwards
Television Business International 1988 onwards
Televisual* 1982-2001
Total Film 1997 onwards
Vanity Fair 1995 onwards
Velvet Light Trap* 1971-2000 (No. 46)
Vertigo (UK) 1993-2008
Wide Angle 1976-1999
Written By 1998-2009


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