About the Network for Ethnic Diversity in Film Education

The Network for Ethnic Diversity in Film Education is a group of ethnically diverse practising teachers using film in their teaching, from across England.

Rocks (2019)

It is supported by a partnership between BFI Education and Into Film, in collaboration with the English and Media Centre (EMC), all committed to supporting a vision of education that reflects our ethnically diverse society and how it is represented.

These organisations each lead on support and guidance for teachers who use film and media; for more information about their work, see their programmes at BFI EducationInto Film and English and Media Centre.

The Network is made up of teachers who love teaching and exploring film with students and who have the energy, commitment and relevant lived experience to help develop their subject areas, with a focus on increasing ethnically diverse stories and voices.

Film offers teachers huge potential to incorporate a wide, ethnically diverse range of content and related discussion in their teaching, and the network is dedicated to finding ways to make this happen. In welcoming teachers from ethnically diverse backgrounds to apply, BFI Education is committed to supporting a change process that is responsive, inclusive and ambitious. 

The Network for Ethnic Diversity in Film Education is autonomous, using its own criteria and specialist knowledge to set its agenda and terms of reference in order to consider the change process from text to policy level. Supported by a dedicated Network Coordinator and a liaison person from both BFI Education and Into Film, the network is invited to liaise at senior level with the partner organisations.

It is free to:

  • offer advice and guidance
  • make proposals for partner organisations to respond to
  • model and test good and emerging practice
  • publish, speak and present

We hope that the network will provide direction for, challenge and support the teaching of film in schools, which reflects our diverse society and how it is represented.

The network is now up and running, but if you are interested in joining at a later date, we’d still be happy to hear from you. To find out more, email nikki.parchment@bfi.org.uk.