Wendy and Lucy (2008)

Michelle Williams is stunning as a young drifter who loses her beloved dog while on the road.
The aspirations of a young drifter from Indiana (Williams) are thwarted when her car grinds to a halt in small-town Oregon and she loses her beloved dog Lucy (Reichardt’s own dog). This nuanced and profoundly moving study of breakdown and loss also riffs on the road-movie genre, and finely observes the economic fallout of corporate America. Michelle Williams is luminous in the first of her collaborations with Reichardt.
2008 USA
Directed by
Kelly Reichardt
Produced by
Neil Kopp, Anish Savjani, Larry Fessenden
Written by
Jon Raymond, Kelly Reichardt
Michelle Williams, Wally Dalton, Larry Fessenden
Running time
80 minutes