Went the Day Well? (1942)

In this adaptation of a Graham Greene story, women take on undercover Nazis with a variety of weapons.
This unique WWII Ealing production shows women taking on the disguised vanguard of a German invasion with a variety of weapons (most memorably a hatchet!). Graham Greene’s short story, co-adapted by Ealing’s only female resident writer, Diana Morgan, is almost supernatural in its telling – Cavalcanti, well known as a documentary filmmaker, was also schooled as a surrealist in Paris. It’s a gripping tale that feels groundbreaking even today.
1942 United Kingdom
Directed by
Alberto Cavalcanti
Produced by
Michael Balcon
Written by
John Dighton, Diana Morgan, Angus MacPhail
Leslie Banks, Elizabeth Allan, Frank Lawton
Running time
92 minutes