Night Train to Munich (1940)

Margaret Lockwood and Rex Harrsion star in this wartime thriller directed by Carol Reed.
Reuniting The Lady Vanishes (1938) team of Lockwood and writers Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat, this thriller was a hit in the USA, where Gordon Wellesley’s original story was nominated for an Oscar. The scenes of Lockwood in a concentration camp were fairly unique, as the Ministry of Information feared reprisals on British POWs if films exaggerated their treatment. The top-billed Lockwood cemented her popularity with the UK public as the seemingly demure but feisty heroine.
1940 United Kingdom
Directed by
Carol Reed
Produced by
Edward Black
Written by
Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder
Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison, Paul Henreid
Running time
95 minutes