What support can I get?

The kind of support we can give includes:

  • making our funding guidelines available in other formats, such as large print or audio
  • support to understand a fund’s guidelines
  • support to complete an application form
  • paying for a support worker if you need one to complete a funding application
  • paying for things you need to join a meeting with the BFI, such as a note-taker or BSL interpreter

Access support cannot be used to:

  • help develop your film or project
  • pay for costs already covered by other support you might receive, such as Access to Work
  • pay for hardware or software

When can I get support?

You can get support if you are thinking about or want to apply to a BFI fund or the Film Audience Network. 

You can get support:

  • before applying
  • while making an application
  • after an application has been submitted if we ask for more information or a meeting

How can I get support?

Our access support for applicants is provided by TAPE Community Film and Music.

To get support, contact TAPE by telephone or by completing TAPE’s contact form.

Telephone: 01492 512 109

Contact form: send TAPE a message

TAPE is an award-winning, community arts charity based in North Wales. Established in 2008, the charity has supported thousands of people of all ages, to explore and develop their creative ideas.

Data protection notice

Any personal information and details that you share with TAPE Community Music and Film about your project may be shared with the BFI. Information about the kind of access support you get will also be shared with the BFI. If the support you get relates to the Film Audience Network, this information may also be shared with your regional Film Hub.

This information will only used by the BFI for monitoring purposes and it will be kept confidential. It would not be used as part of the application assessment process.