UK Global Screen Fund: International Co-production strand

Supporting UK producers to work as partners on international co-productions and help create new global projects.

The International Co-production funding strand supports UK producers to work on international television (documentary and animation only) and feature film co-productions. All projects should have strong export potential and international audience reach, and should be able to demonstrate the potential to generate revenues for the UK producer.

Application dates

The International Co-production strand is currently closed and will reopen for applications in late September 2024.  

Full details on the International Co-production strand will be available in the funding guidelines, which will be published here when the strand reopens for applications.

What you can apply for

Eligible companies can apply for grant funding of up to £300,000 towards:

  • feature film international co-productions, in any genre (including animation and documentary) and in any language, where the UK producer is a “minority” co-producing partner (i.e. the contribution of at least one of the other co-producing partners is greater than the overall contribution of the UK producer)
  • television international co-productions, in the animation and/or documentary genres only, in any language, where at least two (for “minority” UK co-productions) or three (for “majority” UK co-productions) broadcasters are contributing to the finance plan
  • Support will be in the form of non-recoupable grants.

Who can apply


This funding strand is open to applications from independent UK producers with demonstrable production experience. An eligible project must:

  • have at least 60% of the overall finance secured (in addition to any prospective contribution from this strand and UK tax relief)
  • secure, or have already secured, at least one other source of UK funding (in addition to any prospective contribution from this strand and UK tax relief)

We can provide assistance to applicants who have a disability, are D/deaf, have a visual or hearing impairment or are neurodiverse, where this support is needed for someone to make an application. See access support for BFI applicants.