UK Global Screen Fund: International Distribution Prints and Advertising (P&A) Support

Supporting UK films to reach international audiences.

Application dates

Applications for International Distribution P&A Support are currently open.

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis.

We will aim to provide a funding decision within eight weeks of the date of application.

What you can apply for

  • Funding towards certain eligible P&A costs for the release of a single UK film across a grouping of at least four international territories
  • Up to £100,000 in total, in the form of non-recoupable grants, across an eligible territory grouping
  • Within the £100,000, up to £30,000 for a single territory as part of the eligible territory grouping

More detail on eligible costs and activities can be found in the guidelines.

Who can apply

UK companies who have been appointed as the sales agent selling the international rights of a UK film, or who have acted as the lead UK producer of the UK film.

The UK applicant company will apply for P&A Support funding on behalf of international distributors who are releasing a UK film across a grouping of international territories outside of the UK.

Applications must include a minimum of four international territories, of which at least two must be ‘key territories’ as defined in the guidelines, available to download below.

The film being released across the territory grouping must:

  • be budgeted at less than £12.5 million
  • be a new feature length (minimum 60 minutes running time) live action, animation, fiction or documentary film
  • have been completed no more than 24 months prior to the application date, or currently be in production or post-production
  • have its lead release within 12 months of the application date
  • qualify or be wholly capable of qualifying for certification as a British film 
  • not be fully financed by a studio, mini major or streaming platform

Please read the guidelines for a full list of eligibility criteria, including what constitutes an eligible applicant, eligible film, eligible distributor, and eligible territory grouping.

Our funding priorities

This strand aims to grow exports and global demand for UK independent film. It will support the UK film industry to achieve measurable results that would not have been possible without UKGSF support, including:

  • increasing the number and value of international sales of UK independent film
  • increasing international audiences for UK independent film
  • increasing commercial returns for UK screen companies, rights holders and financiers

In addition, in making awards through each of its strands, the UKGSF is seeking to ensure a UK-wide benefit and address geographic imbalance within the industry.

Therefore, as part of our assessment we will consider:

  • where the applicant company and/or UK producer(s) are based
  • where films are shot and made
  • how films reflect the culture and talent of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the English regions outside Greater London

What you need to provide

To complete the application form you will need to supply: 

  • full details of the eligible applicant, eligible film, eligible distributors, and eligible territory grouping
  • a detailed release plan (template provided) completed by each eligible distributor for each territory
  • a total release costs budget (template provided) completed by each eligible distributor for each territory, to include the minimum guarantee paid and a breakdown of the P&A Support funding request
  • a grant request summary (template provided) completed by each eligible applicant, consisting of an overview of the distributors and territories within the grouping
  • copies of the signed Distribution Agreements for each distributor for each territory within the grouping
  • a copy of the signed Sales Agency Agreement/Deal Memo, where applicable
  • a copy of the final proposed gross budget for the eligible film, and a detailed finance plan
  • a corporate structure chart for the eligible applicant (ie. the UK sales agent or UK lead producer)

The full list of what is required is set out in the funding guidelines.

Grant Request Calculator

Before beginning an application, please download and make use of the grant request calculator below in order to calculate the maximum P&A Support grant that may be requested for each territory within the grouping.

Download Grant Request Calculator

Required templates

You will need to download and complete the following three templates as part of your application.

Download Grant Request Overview

Download the Total Release Costs template

Download the Release Plan template

Apply for funding

If this is your first application to the BFI, please create an account.

If you wish to see the contents of the online application form before applying, please download the application preview.

Download application preview


We can provide assistance to applicants who have a disability, are D/deaf, have a visual or hearing impairment or are neurodiverse, where this support is needed for someone to make an application.

See access support for BFI applicants.

Our resources: application outcomes and feedback

If you have any questions relating to the funding or application, please email

The extremely competitive nature of our funding means that we have to make very difficult decisions and often have to turn down projects even when they meet some or all of our stated criteria.

We aim to make the application process as fair and transparent as possible. As a result of the volume of applications we receive, we do not have the resources to provide feedback on projects that have been declined.

Speculative submissions

We will only consider funding projects that have been submitted to us through the formal application process. This means that we cannot accept, or read, informal submissions such as scripts or application materials submitted by any means other than via the online application portal.