Our core priorities and funding outcomes

The BFI has six core priorities we use to assess applications to the Filmmaking Fund.

1. Equity, diversity and inclusion

Addressing under-representation in perspective and representation, talent and recruitment, agency and opportunities, widening the range of voices and audiences served.

2. Impact and audience

Supporting projects with a strong cultural or progressive impact for audiences.

3. Talent development and progression

Supporting early career filmmakers (producers, writers and directors) and projects with a reasonable proportion of early career cast and crew.

4. Risk

Supporting projects that take creative risks.

5. UK-wide

Increasing the number of projects and filmmakers outside London and the South East, looking at location and representation.

6. Environmental sustainability

Addressing sustainability both creatively and practically.

Funding outcomes

All activity we support should contribute to some of the following outcomes identified in the BFI National Lottery strategy:

Anyone can create original screen work, from first-time creators to world-class professionals:

  • More people understand how to express their creativity through stories on screen, including children and young people
  • Creative talent is supported and nurtured, as they emerge and throughout their careers
  • People are better enabled to innovate and experiment creatively
  • A wider range of stories on screen are told that otherwise would not be

Everyone can experience a rich range of screen culture:

  • People across the UK can access a wider choice of film and the moving image including stories that reflect their lives

Independents and cultural organisations can adapt and thrive in a changing landscape:

  • Screen organisations have significantly reduced their carbon footprint.