1. Talent development and progression

Supporting the early careers of ambitious filmmakers

Focusing on early career support while filmmakers are finding and refining their voices – mostly through supporting first, second and third features by writers and directors. Progression might mean gaining creative confidence, working on a larger canvas or creating work that speaks to a wider audience or is likely to gain more attention in the industry. It might also mean expansion of voice and horizons, a continued exploration of themes and ideas, or simply being given the opportunity to make a second film, which many filmmakers never get.

2. Impact

Supporting films with a strong cultural or progressive impact

Projects that spark debate: conversation pieces, progressive ideas, or contentious agitations, as well as stories which address social, political or other culturally relevant themes. This could be a reflection on influential contemporary or historical figures and moments providing important context, necessary adaptations of key texts, and strong, under-represented, expressions of identity.

3. Risk

Projects that take risks in form and content, where the more commercial sector cannot

Projects that take risks in content, form and platform – could be tangible (such as playing with form, language, and platform) or intangible (those which have no compelling, upfront commercial value). Projects which are unusual, experimental or pioneering.

4. Perspective

Projects that recognise the quality of difference in perspective, talent and recruitment

Lens, representation, agency and opportunity — projects that address under-representation in authorship and creative leadership and help us widen the range of voices and audiences for film. Lens and audience are as important as the subject matter, requiring us to have a conversation about intent, licence and agency.

5. UK-wide

Increasing the number of active projects and filmmakers outside London and the south-east

A focus on increasing the creation of work outside London reflecting author and place, rather than productions which shoot outside London.