KS5 Film Studies – La Haine schools resources

Two lesson plans, ready-to-use slide decks with associated clips and worksheets, plus a video essay.

La Haine (1995)

Lesson 1: La Haine as product of French National cinema

Aimed at KS5 Film students this lesson has two parts:

  1. Defining National Cinema considers the function of national cinema.
  2. Aesthetics and Realism unpacks ‘new realism’ and political film making. 

The resource suggests ways of considering national cinema as an industry category and through ideology. Including reference to key theorists it guides students in evaluating national cinema as a concept, which can be applied across the film specifications.

Downloadable guidance, lesson plan and worksheets

Aesthetics and Realism clip

Lesson 2: La Haine and Representation of the other

This lesson is aimed at KS5 Film students. The first section and activity works as a framework for defining specific aspects of the concept of representation and sets up debate concerning the theoretical context of representation with particular focus on representations of the ‘other’ (which can be used for the study of any film).

Downloadable guidance, lesson plan and worksheets

Conflict and Alienation clip

Video resources

The video essay below presents the realist/expressive debate.  Focusing on aesthetics and technique this resource guides students through the process of deep analysis and evaluation, it is useful to both lessons 1 and 2.  

Additional resources