Conditions of submission of electronic documents

If you are responding to a BFI tender, please read these important guidelines.

  1. The BFI will only accept documents for tenders or quotations placed on its e-tendering system to be received electronically unless explicitly stated otherwise in the tenderer’s instructions.
  2. A tender lodged electronically to us is deemed for all purposes to be the true and legal version, in writing, duly executed by the tenderer and intended to have binding legal effect. Electronic signatures are unnecessary due to the security built into the system.
  3. Tenders submitted via the Electronic Tendering System must be received in full prior to the closing time.
  4. If the electronic files containing the tender are corrupt, contain a virus or are unreadable for any reason, the tender will not be considered.
  5. Immediately prior to submitting a tender electronically, the tenderer must check the electronic files making up the tender for viruses using fully current virus checking software and must remove all viruses from the files.
  6. The BFI accepts no responsibility for you misunderstanding instructions or incorrect use of the system.
  7. Tenderers acknowledge and accept, in respect of electronically transmitted tenders, that:
    • Lodgement of large electronic files may take time and as such they must allow sufficient time to fully transmit all files prior to closing time
    • The BFI shall not be liable or responsible for the loss, damage, destruction or corruption of any tender, however caused
    • The BFI, until after the tender closing time, may not discover corruption or unreadable files submitted via the Electronic Tendering System
    • Faults in the tenderer’s system are not the responsibility of the BFI and no extension to the closing time will be made
    • The Server Clock displayed within the e-tendering system shall govern the time