BFI Auteurs Circle

Join the BFI’s inner circle and help secure our future.

Storytelling unbound

Since our foundation in 1933, we have set the agenda for film culture in the UK, and we have never been more accessible or open in that endeavour. With your support, we can do even more.

BFI Auteurs Circle members commit annually to a donation of £25,000 (Gift Aid-eligible donation: £21,670, benefit: £3,330) with a view to sustained giving year-on-year. The impact of this generosity is transformational, and central to the BFI’s bold ambitions. In return, members receive the highest level of access to the very best of the BFI.

No two BFI donors are the same, and nor is the impact of their gifts. Below are five pillars that form our organisational priorities for the coming years. Together, we will empower everyone to have a more meaningful relationship with screen culture.

To find out more about the BFI Auteurs Circle, please email Harry Pasek, Philanthropy Manager on


The moving image brings stories to life, helping us to see the world through different lenses. We are committed to ensuring that people can broaden their outlooks through our cultural programming, the stories in our collections, and our work in nurturing the next generation of storytellers. Your support will enable us to develop and foreground a world of different perspectives and viewpoints.


We stand for choice and difference, providing a space to experience the moving image in a considered, active way. We create and protect a vital physical space for screen culture to exist within the public sphere, at BFI Southbank and beyond. Together we can make this work even more accessible, and ensures that our offering is as inclusive as it can be.


We work to keep screen culture vibrant. We drive the industry forward, inspire the artistic evolution of future talent, and expand the possibilities of storytelling. The moving image is a uniquely powerful educational tool, with an unmatched capacity to broaden perspectives and convey ideas. This is the fabric of our organisation. With your support, we will create real and lasting opportunity within the screen industries.


We help people get more out of the moving image, place it at the heart of our cultural lives for all to discover and delight in, and use it to teach us about the past, present and future. We are responsive and adaptive to the world around us, but also unafraid to lead the way: pushing boundaries and using our expertise to make screen culture more inclusive, exciting, and innovative.


We use the transformative power of screen culture for social good. The communal experience of cinema, gathering at home to watch a movie, playing a video game online: all of these activities sustain communities based on shared interests, values, and passions. We provide a space for these communities to grow and develop, creating a vibrant, inclusive culture that is reflective of who we are now.