BFI Young Audiences Content Fund

Production and development funding will support the creation of distinct, high-quality content for children and young audiences.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) announced a pilot Contestable Fund in September 2018. You can find details in the government’s policy paper on the Fund.

Up to £57 million has been assigned to the BFI Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF) which will be administered by the BFI.

Up to a further £3 million has been assigned to the Audio Content Fund which will be administered by a not-for-profit organisation set up by Radiocentre and AudioUK.

The three-year pilot for the BFI Young Audiences Content Fund aims to stimulate the creation of distinct, high-quality content for children and young audiences (up to the age of 18) that entertains, informs and reflects their experiences of growing up across the UK today.

It will support original programming, in both live-action and animation, and across genres including education, fiction and drama, arts and culture, factual, identity and religion.

Opening in April 2019, it will offer production funding for projects which have secured partnership funding from a UK Public Service Broadcaster along with a commitment to broadcast on an OFCOM-regulated, free-to-access TV and/or online channel and/or platform.

Development funding will also be available to support new voices and emerging producers. A broadcaster commitment will not be necessary for development funding.

The Fund is intended for productions with public service broadcast values, which are defined by OFCOM as content that will:

  • Inform our understanding of the world — to inform ourselves and others and to increase our understanding of the world through news, information and analysis of current events and ideas.
  • Stimulate knowledge and learning – to stimulate our interest in and knowledge of arts, science, history and other topics, through content that is accessible and can encourage informal learning
  • Reflect UK cultural identity – to reflect and strengthen our cultural identity through original programming at UK, national and regional level; on occasion, bringing audiences together for shared experiences.
  • Represent diversity and alternative viewpoints – to make us aware of different cultures and alternative viewpoints, through programmes that reflect the lives of other people and other communities, both within the UK and elsewhere.

Further guidance including how to apply to the YACF will be published early in 2019.

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