Copying library material

Self-service book scanners and printing

The library has three digital book scanners and three digital microform readers.

Scanning and printing in the library is free. Most library material can be scanned, but there are some exceptions for reasons of copyright or fragile condition.

You will need a USB stick if you want to take away scans from the scanners and microform readers. You may bring your own or buy one at the library desk for £5.

Scanning is self-service, but if you need any assistance please speak to a member of library staff. We are happy to help.

You can also print pages and documents from our online public access catalogues (OPACs). Only black and white A4 printing is available, and it is not possible to save anything to USB.

Digital photography

Digital photography using a compact camera, mobile phone or tablet is permitted, but please ensure any camera flash and device sounds are turned off.

Digital photographs are still subject to copyright, privacy and data protection legislation. Any photographs taken must be solely for personal reference and may not be legally shared with others or distributed online.

Photography, audio or video recording of other library users is not permitted.

Due to licensing restrictions that apply to some of our electronic resources, taking photographs of computer screens is not allowed.

Policy and copyright

Much of the collection can be copied, but this is subject to size and condition, and must be within existing legal requirements.

Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals guidelines state that:

You may make a single print or digital copy of anything in copyright for:

  • non-commercial private study or research
  • illustration for instruction or teaching

And for:

  • quoting from a work
  • caricature, parody or pastiche
  • news reporting, except for photographs

The amount you copy must be “fair and justifiable”. You must:

  • not reproduce the copy, sell it or share it online
  • acknowledge the source where reasonably practical

The legal copying limits are:

  • journal or periodical: 1 article from any 1 issue
  • published work: one chapter or 5% of extracts

Particularly delicate material may not be suitable for copying. These items are usually clearly marked. Some unpublished materials such as theses cannot be copied as permission has not been granted by the author.

Where copying from web pages the same criteria apply as those stated above. Please respect any additional copyright notices and any copyright statements attached to individual works.

Contractual copyright conditions may also apply to material available via subscription databases.

If you are unsure about what you may or may not copy, or you need more information about specific items, please ask a member of staff.

Further information about copyright: