Research and Statistics Fund

Up to date research and knowledge is crucial to the success of the UK film industry and other screen sectors.

As part of its Film Forever strategy, BFI established a Research and Statistics Fund in order to provide independent, trusted and rigorous evidence for use by the screen sectors which would otherwise not exist and ensure this is available in the public domain. This research is needed to support and develop a vibrant screen sector economically and culturally, telling British stories and developing British talent.

Subsequently, as part of the BFI 2022 strategy, the BFI outlined its plan to spend £3 million to March 2022 to support data collection, analysis and research into the UK screen sectors, audiences and the wider cultural and economic value of the film and the moving image (in the BFI 2022 Strategy, ‘film’ means anything that tells a story, expresses an idea or evokes an emotion through the art of the moving image, whilst honouring the platform for which the work was intended). As the BFI2022 strategy highlighted, the screen sector is changing rapidly, and we have a responsibility to maximise our understanding of the nature and implications of these changes by publishing evidence on patterns of change and facilitating related discussions, debate and associated policy development.

The objectives for the Research and Statistics Fund are to:

  • increase and improve the quality and impact of evidence underpinning decisions on the future of the sector – their culture, practice and economic and policy needs;
  • maintain a world-class hub to provide users from industry, government and academia with instant access to statistics, analysis and research resources;
  • address a series of key research priorities for the screen sectors;
  • foster strategic collaboration between public policy-makers, industry, academia and wider screen-sector stakeholders; and
  • disseminate findings so they are readily available for the benefit of stakeholders and the wider public.

An external advisory group was established in October 2015, representing a variety of screen sector stakeholders (private and public, cultural and creative organisations, education, academics and the wider film community). The key role of this group is to recommend the priorities for research and statistics resourced by the fund and provide expertise, quality assurance and oversight of the fund as a whole for the wider benefit of the industry and other stakeholders.

Completed research will be published on BFI’s website and made available through associated events.

If you would like to become a BFI supplier, you’ll first need to register on our e-tendering website. More information on selling to the BFI can be found here.

Any questions regarding the Research and Statistics Fund should be addressed to: or 020 7957 4839.

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