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We have BFI NETWORK teams across the UK. Find information on talent development and networking opportunities in your area.

We have a network of UK-wide partners in each English region and in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In England these partners are also part of the BFI Film Audience Network (BFI FAN), a collaboration of leading film organisations and venues around the UK.

Our UK partners employ BFI NETWORK teams, ensuring the BFI NETWORK offer is accessible to filmmakers in their local area. Each partner is home to at least one BFI NETWORK Talent Executive or equivalent role, who:

  • help to demystify the funding landscape and promote the available BFI NETWORK funds as widely as possible in their region
  • select eligible projects for BFI NETWORK funding. In England they make recommendations to the central BFI National Lottery finance committee. In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales our partners distribute funding directly to filmmakers
  • provide creative oversight of funded projects in their area, and work closely with funded teams to offer guidance on their selected projects
  • deliver local activity for writers, directors and producers. This ranges from networking events to focused labs and development opportunities, and varies in each area in response to local needs
  • partner with local filmmaking organisations such as festivals and filmmaking groups or collectives

Discover what’s happening in your area by connecting with your local BFI NETWORK via the links below.

If you are unsure which English region you are part of, then please refer to the BFI Film Audience Network Map.

BFI NETWORK in England

BFI NETWORK in the rest of the UK