Inclusion targets

Diversity targets for the people we employ and projects we support using National Lottery funds.

Our commitment to inclusion

Our Inclusion work aims to move us towards a focused, sustainable, deep-rooted and authentic version of equity, diversity and inclusion work that is:

  • Abundant, dynamic and joyful
  • Community and care focused
  • Embedded into the priorities of the BFI
  • Disruptive, innovative and creative
  • Collaborative, accessible and Intersectional
  • Rooted in professional expertise and lived experience

A clearly defined and communicated set of inclusion targets will help us to monitor and take greater accountability for our progress in this area. They will give clarity and a clear direction to colleagues, partners and stakeholders.

Our inclusion targets are:

  • 18% disabled (including those with a longstanding physical or mental condition and those identifying as D/deaf or neurodiverse)
  • 40% Black and Global Majority (London)
  • 30% Black and Global Majority (outside London)
  • 50:50 gender – those identifying within the gender binary (also monitoring trans and non-binary identities)
  • 10% sexual identity (those identifying as LGB+)
  • 39% working-class background

These are our targets as of October 2023. We regularly evaluate this work to ensure our approach is relevant and up to date.

In line with our commitment to review our inclusion monitoring, recent updates include the wording of our ethnicity targets to align with our updated preferred terms for inclusive language, and the wording of our gender and sexual identity targets to ensure the existing data captured can be reported on robustly.