Economic Review of UK Independent Film

The challenges increasingly facing UK independent film from production to distribution and exhibition.

This review answers vital questions about the financial realities of independent film in the UK and examines how a number of complex factors that have now placed the sustainability of this culturally important part of the sector under considerable threat. It is the most intensive and rounded study of the economics of the sector to date.

The review contains comprehensive recommendations which, while not yet modelled, merit further and serious consideration. A combination of specific policy attention, joint industry initiatives, and flexibility from public funding bodies, could provide a powerful package of support which would not only redress market failures, but also set the scene for independent film to prosper.

Alongside the review we are publishing a response which outlines how we will support the next critical steps for each of the recommendations.

Independent research company Alma Economics was commissioned by the BFI to undertake the review. Many individuals and organisations contributed to the report including the BFI, a project steering group, industry stakeholders and the DCMS.