Speakers from the BFI, and the film, television, video games and theatre industries shared their research and thought leadership on how we find and engage audiences, how the attitudes and behaviours of these audiences are changing and what this tells us about the audiences of the future.

You can view or download edited PDF presentations from the event below.

Paul McEvoy, Research Manager, BFI: ‘Capturing the audience’

Ian Cade, Research Manager, BFI

Colm Seeley, Video Games Certification Analyst, BFI: ‘Video game audiences – why do we play?’

Jackie Edwards, Head of Young Audiences Content Fund, BFI: ‘Capturing young audiences’

David Kapur, co-CEO ourscreen: ‘Can cinema reconnect a disconnected world?’

Sam Tuck, Associate Director, GfK UK

Gaylene Gould, No Direct Flight

Neil Mortensen, Director of Audiences, ITV: ‘Love Island – how audiences fuel a smash hit’

Richard Broughton, Research Director, Ampere Analysis: ‘Capturing the cash’

Rishi Coupland, Head of Data Intelligence, National Theatre: ‘Capturing cultural value’

Ruth Hinton, Group Insights Manager, Vue Entertainment: ‘Capturing the experience’

Susan Cummings, Managing Director, Tiny Rebel Games: ‘Capturing immersive’