5 things to watch this weekend – 16 to 17 June

A family goes into tailspin over a sparkly red dress, while a rediscovered woodland murder mystery chills to the bone.

16 June 2023

By Sam Wigley

Twilight (1990)

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Twilight (1990)

Very much not that Twilight, this re-emerging Hungarian gem is a great way of escaping the heat this weekend: it takes place in eternal fog, conjuring a real chill. Directed by an associate of Béla Tarr, who is credited as consultant here, György Fehér’s film shares the master’s taste for lugubrious atmospherics and long takes that unfurl as slowly as moss growing. But it’s also a murder mystery, revolving around the discovery of the bodies of three girls in woodland and a detective’s grim duty to investigate. Breathtakingly shot in black and white, it’s a metaphysical thriller that you feel deep in your bones. What a great rediscovery.

Pretty Red Dress (2022)

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This debut feature has some moves. Dionne Edwards puts some fresh fuel in the urban London drama by having some surprising things to say about Black masculinity and the social barriers that shape our identities. Natey Jones plays Travis, newly out of prison and trying to settle back into family life with Candice (X Factor winner Alexandra Burke), an ambitious singer, and their teenage daughter Kenisha (Temilola Olatunbosun). Candice is auditioning to play Tina Turner in a new stage musical, so Travis buys her a spangly red dress. But when he’s home alone he can’t help eyeing it hanging on the bedroom door…

Images (1972)

Where’s it on? Talking Pictures TV, Sunday, 1.40am

Images (1972)

Each new Robert Altman film was an event in the early 1970s, as between MASH (1970) and Nashville (1975) he produced one New Hollywood classic after another. The black sheep in the run is undoubtedly this 1972 offering, which found the maverick director channelling Ingmar Bergman-style psychodrama in the Irish countryside. Susannah York stars as a children’s author on a recuperative rural retreat who is increasingly beset by strange hallucinations. A brittle, haunting treat, its reputation has risen in recent years.

Let the Sunshine In (2017)

Where’s it on? BFI Player

Let the Sunshine In (2017)

With her latest film Stars at Noon going straight to digital on Monday, here’s another latter-day Claire Denis film just added to BFI Player. Superficially one of her lighter offerings, in that it centres on the ostensibly frivolous material of one woman’s search for love, Let the Sunshine In is actually one of her most penetrating films: a study of passion, bodies and longing in middle age, composed in gestures and revolving around a performance of astonishing frankness by Juliette Binoche. The cringey English language title comes from the song in the hippie musical Hair. The poetic original French is ‘Un beau soleil intérieur’.

The Lighthouse (2019)

Where’s it on? 4K UHD and Blu-ray

Robert Eggers’ salty yarn gets a 4K disc this week courtesy of Arrow. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe play the two lighthouse keepers who come to blows during a lonely, claustrophobic spell working the lightship together on a remote island. Artfully shot in black and white to help conjure antique French nautical films of the 1920s and 30s by directors like Jean Epstein and Jean Grémillon, Eggers’ film is a brilliant, brine-encrusted two-hander. Pattinson is the moody man of mystery, Dafoe the raging old sea dog. 

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