Aaron Cutler

Programmer / critic

Voted for

Opção as rosas da estrada1981Ozualdo Candeias
Battling Butler1926Buster Keaton
CASQUE D'OR1952Jacques Becker
DODES'KA-DEN1970Akira Kurosawa
GANGA BRUTA1933Humberto Mauro
HYÈNES1992Djibril Diop Mambéty
In the Stone House2012Jerome Hiler
Passacaglia y fuga1975Jorge Honik
SWEET MOVIE1973Dusan Makavejev


A list made in collaboration with Mariana Shellard, on behalf of the initiative Mutual Films (mutualfilms.com). We would like to stress that it is A list, and that, as with every list, it is deceitful. It is in fact impossible to select the ten best films, so we made a list of possibilities from among dozens of films that we consider to be among the best. Many different lists could have been made, and could also be made in the future.