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Voted for

The Godfather Part II1974Francis Ford Coppola
Parasite2019Bong Joon-ho
Amarcord1972Federico Fellini
A Clockwork Orange1971Stanley Kubrick
Lawrence of Arabia1962David Lean
ULTIMO TANGO A PARIGI1972Bernardo Bertolucci
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly1966Sergio Leone
Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
Some Like It Hot1959Billy Wilder
Manhattan1979Woody Allen


The Godfather Part II

1974 USA

A masterpiece from beginning to end. The way past and present intertwine is a remarkable piece of screenwriting. Unheard of. No other film comes close to this.


2019 Republic of Korea

The best black comedy ever. And also a revealing view of Korean society.


1972 Italy, France

No other film depicts male fantasies of teenagers better and funnier than Fellini did in this film.

A Clockwork Orange

1971 USA, United Kingdom

I could have chosen many other Kubrick films, but this one made the biggest impression when I saw it and it survives the test of time

Lawrence of Arabia

1962 United Kingdom

The best epic ever, with the best cuts in movie history ever. Only to be seen on 70mm.


1972 Italy, France, USA

Of course, the background story of abuse on the set is shocking, but the film itself still holds up. Brando is impressive in his improvised monologues.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

1966 Italy

It was a toss-up between The Searchers and this one. The style of Leone and the best shootout made the difference.

Citizen Kane

1941 USA

The editing, the scenario, the acting and the bravery of Welles; unmissable.

Some Like It Hot

1959 USA

I want another cup of coffee! Need I say more?


1979 USA

The best love-letter ever filmed. And it is not about a woman…

Further remarks

I guess the 70s were my high days as a moviegoer. A Dutch director once told me that everybody sees his favourite films during his teens. I guess he is right.