Amy Taubin

critic/contributing editor , Artforum

Voted for

Au hasard Balthazar1966Robert Bresson
La Règle du jeu1939Jean Renoir
Man with a Movie Camera1929Dziga Vertov
Vertigo1958Alfred Hitchcock
Spoor2017Agnieszka Holland
2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle1967Jean-Luc Godard
Wavelength1967Michael Snow
Shoah1985Claude Lanzmann
A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE2005David Cronenberg
Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles1975Chantal Akerman


Even more ridiculous an exercise than it was ten years ago. How could I not have included Mike Leigh's Topsy- Turvy when, after seeing it just two months ago, I felt as if I had never enjoyed a movie more than this one? How could I leave out Ozu's I Was Born But…, Sirk's Imitation of Life, Haynes's Far From Heaven, Warhol's Screen Tests, Burnett's Killer of Sheep, Lynch's Mulholland Dr., Scorsese's The Age of Innocence, Kurosawa's Ikiru, Wong's In the Mood for Love, Vigo's L'Atalante, Sembène's Xala, Jacobs' Razzle Dazzle, Lee's Do the Right Thing, de Oliveira's The Uncertainty Principle, Fassbinder's Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, Duras's India Song, Bong's Parasite, Denis's Beau Travail, Jarmusch's Dead Man, Fincher's Zodiac, Soderbergh's sex, lies, and videotape, and why not Prince-Bythewood's Love & Basketball? As I wrote ten years ago, I should have put Godard's Histoire(s) du cinéma in first place – as crazy a canon as mine, and far more generous – and left it at that.