Andreas Beilharz


Voted for

People on Sunday1930Robert Siodmak
Outrage1950Ida Lupino
AIDO1969Susumu Hani
Maynila sa mga kuko ng liwanag1975Lino Brocka
UTOPIA1982Sohrab Shahid Saless
NUIT ET JOUR1991Chantal Akerman
SHOWGIRLS1995Paul Verhoeven
Goodbye, Dragon Inn2003Tsai Ming-liang
Mercuriales2014Virgil Vernier


The Beyond is the quintessential title on this list, which approaches the outright absurd task of this poll by assembling (and restricting myself to) a handful of theatrical viewing experiences that made a lasting impact on me. But the interesting things start beyond such a small list that can barely cover anything from this vast and largely undiscovered wonderland that is cinema (will any human being ever be able to see a mere 1 per cent or even only 0.1 per cent of what film history has to offer?). In a very beautiful anecdote about cinema, written in his marvellous book The 100 Best Horror Films, legendary critic Hans Schifferle (his death in 2021 will forever leave a huge void) describes how he once, in younger years, intended to go to a Bergman film together with a couple, but on the way to the cinema was intrigued by an advert for a Jess Franco film at another theatre. So he decided to go there instead, concluding: "I didn't just want to see a movie, I had a desire for cinema."