Anna Backman Rogers

Professor of Aesthetics & Culture. University of Gothenburg

Voted for

The Virgin Suicides1999Sofia Coppola
Wanda1970Barbara Loden
In the Cut2003Jane Campion
Born in Flames 1983Lizzie Borden
Picnic at Hanging Rock1975Peter Weir
Trouble Every Day2001Claire Denis
3 Women1977Robert Altman
Daisies1966Věra Chytilová
Possession1981Andrzej Zulawski
Harold and Maude1971Hal Ashby


The Virgin Suicides

1999 USA

In my view, the greatest adaptation from page to screen of all time. An astonishing debut film from a landmark director.


1970 USA

Quite simply, there is nothing else like this film. Bleak, uncompromising filmmaking. Loden had the courage of her convictions. Some filmmakers might spend an entire career trying to make a single film half as good as this. Loden got one shot & knocked it out of the park. Her too-early death was a loss to cinema.

In the Cut

2003 United Kingdom, USA

Campion's greatest film in my opinion. Many people have misunderstood this one: they are all categorically wrong. This is one of the boldest statements that exists on the violence of cinema itself: violence wrought on the female body as entertainment, violence wrought on the female imaginary by romantic narratives. And made by a director in her prime. Easily Meg Ryan's greatest performance, too - genius casting.

Born in Flames


A feminist classic. As powerful, necessary & meaningful now as it was then. Essential viewing.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

1975 Australia

The closest thing we have to cinematic hallucination. A profound reckoning with Colonial & patriarchal violence. Ultimately terrifying.

Trouble Every Day

2001 France, Germany

This remains the most disturbing film I have ever seen. It never leaves me. When the kiss becomes a bite.

3 Women

1977 USA

Gorgeous, strangely apocalyptic, & utterly weird. Quite simply, I just adore this film.


1966 Czechoslovakia

Feminist anarchy now, & with cake.


1981 France, Federal Republic of Germany

This is as much Adjani's film as it is Zulawski's. I think she may just give one of the most committed performances of all time in one of the most utterly bonkers films ever made. I challenge anyone to watch this & not find her incredible.

Harold and Maude

1971 USA

Cinema's most life-affirming statement. A paean to those who do things differently.