Anna Bogutskaya

Writer, Broadcaster and Film Programmer

Voted for

The Silence of the Lambs1990Jonathan Demme
1963Federico Fellini
La Ley del deseo1986Pedro Almodóvar
The Night of the Hunter1955Charles Laughton
Gone Girl2014David Fincher
F For Fake1973Orson Welles
The Godfather1972Francis Ford Coppola
Get Out2017Jordan Peele
City Lights1931Charles Chaplin



1994 Hong Kong

Tony Leung's face is cinema.

Further remarks

When Roger Ebert submitted his Sight & Sound Poll list in 2002, he wrote: "Lists are ridiculous, but if you’re going to vote, you have to play the game." Ten spots is simply not enough, but I tried. This game, like any, requires rules, so I tried to create some for myself. There are so many films that I knew would be included already, so did I really need to mention them again? I thought instead of the films that have had the most impact on me, personally; the ones that contain in them that inexplicable magical element that doesn't diminish with additional viewings (nothing compares to seeing Chungking Express for the first time, except seeing it for a second and a third time); that have had a profound influence on the language of cinema (how could I pick a single Orson Welles? Just one? Inconceivable); the films that see a filmmaker finding their footing, whether through trial and error, a refining of themes, a coalescence of factors all coming together; or films that felt so monumentally Of Their Time, that they feel like a cinematic full stop.