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West Indies: The Fugitive Slaves of Liberty1979Med Hondo
Taxi Driver1976Martin Scorsese
Beau travail1998Claire Denis
In the Mood for Love2000Wong Kar Wai
Sátántangó1994Béla Tarr
2001: A Space Odyssey1968Stanley Kubrick
Hidden2004Michael Haneke
Do the Right Thing1989Spike Lee
Killer of Sheep1977Charles Burnett


West Indies: The Fugitive Slaves of Liberty

1979 France, Mauritania

Cinema as action, a vital masterpiece of verve and invention.

Taxi Driver

1976 USA

Scorsese and Schrader, lithe and lethal, a nihilistic symphony for the city of dreams.

Beau travail

1998 France

Claire cuts deep – a truly sensorial cinema. The film lunges off the screen at you. You can taste this one. You smell it. It overwhelms.

In the Mood for Love

2000 Hong Kong, France

Movement and stasis as theme and aesthetic, tension and release. His greatest greatness.


1994 Hungary, Germany, Switzerland

An uncompromising masterwork. Humbling.


1966 Hungary

Cinema is just past its 125th year. So young. Miklós Jancsó's contained epic of desperate glances and oppressive light is a nearly silent film that harnesses movement and silhouette to build form as thematic impact. There remains so much to be seen.

2001: A Space Odyssey

1968 USA, United Kingdom

Me upon first seeing this: "I guess... a film CAN be about everything."


2004 France, Austria, Germany, Italy

Not a wasted frame. Not a single damn one.

Do the Right Thing

1989 USA

The William Shakespeare of Bed-Stuy's most devastating tragicomedy. For many of us, Spike IS the canon. Cinema is incomplete without him.

Killer of Sheep

1977 USA

Charles' contribution to cinema – to a very particular cinema – has for too long gone understated. A monumental work.

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This was impossible.

But damn if it wasn't fun.