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Casablanca1942Michael Curtiz
Vertigo1958Alfred Hitchcock
2001: A Space Odyssey1968Stanley Kubrick
Star Wars1977George Lucas
Raiders of the Lost Ark1981Steven Spielberg
Blade Runner1982Ridley Scott
No Country for Old Men2007Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Secret in Their Eyes2009Juan José Campanella
12 Years a Slave2013Steve McQueen
Arrival2016Denis Villeneuve



1942 USA

A classic. Finally saw this on a big screen during the pandemic, and it made me appreciate it ever more.

2001: A Space Odyssey

1968 USA, United Kingdom

I've seen this film on the big screen so many times, and it always amazes me. Can't believe the varied reactions back in 1968 when it premiered. It says so much about our species.

Star Wars

1977 USA

Formative movie for me. Saw it when I was seven. Nothing ever quite hit me the same way.

Blade Runner

1982 USA, Hong Kong

Another film that tells us about what it means to be human. I feel like this one and its sequel will be studied and enjoyed for many years, possibly centuries.

No Country for Old Men

2007 USA

Incredible storytelling, top to bottom, start to finish. It's what movies were made to do.

Secret in Their Eyes


Again, marvelous storytelling, love and justice and vengeance and passion and regret and so much more.

12 Years a Slave

2013 USA, Luxembourg, United Kingdom

My first choice that has been made since the last poll came out. McQueen is a vital force in storytelling, and this is one of his most powerful movies. Small Axe is up there as well, although difficult to define since it's part movie, part miniseries. But very happy to pick this one.


2016 USA

The newest film on my list - I don't trust myself to choose anything more recent. But this is a keeper. I've known people who watched it two or even three times before fully coming to see its greatness. Not that you need to. But it rewards multiple viewings, to be sure. (Also, I wish I could add at least five more titles!)

Further remarks

Thanks for allowing me to participate. Looking forward to the results.